🌌The real Privacy Black Hole

privacy black hole

When science fiction and privacy come together

As you may have seen, scientists have finally been able to capture the first-ever picture of a black hole.

This basically means that there is a point where time and space collapse and it confirms the relativity theory by Einstein. Time travel could not be just science fiction after all.

I think that this extraordinary discover deserves attention more than another #TechnoLawgy doc (my daily #LegalDoc digest on LinkedIn and Telegram), however thinking about it reminded me of an old vintage privacy video by the European Parliament.

This video expresses the EU will and purpose before the introduction of the GDPR: plumbing the Personal Data BlackHole empowering individuals through enhanced transparency and new rights to gain and exercise real control over their data.

Some years have passed and I believe there is still a lot to do for really enabling a sustainable data driven society. The Privacy Revolution started by the GDPR has brought some massive awareness on the data protection topic and now it is up to us, tomorrow’s lawyers and regulators, to find a way to surf the real Privacy BlackHole.

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