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Facebook “free” claim sanctioned

Facebook is not free anymore (and has never been) Half victory of #Facebook in Italy on the #privacy side: the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio (TAR) partially voided the Antitrust Authority’s decision which sanctioned the company for a total of 10 million euros. > The Court has confirmed the 5 million sanction for unfair commercial practices regarding the false […]

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Cookiebot: what changes after Planet 49 decision?

Cookies are a tricky topic for web professionals. Essential to the sites that use them, annoying to the consumers who agree to them, and misunderstood by plenty of people on both sides. The GDPR has indirectly imposed higher standards for cookie usage – in particular what constitutes valid consent and transparency. The  Court of Justice […]


📹First GDPR fine in Sweden: facial recognition at school📹

Facial Recognition under GDPR For the first time the Swedish Data Protection Authority, Datainspektionen, has issued a fine for violation of the rules introduced by the General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, towards a school that implemented a facial recognition system to monitor students’ attendance in class. The GDPR, which was transposed into national legislation by […]


🛫New Drones Law in Europe🛫

On July 1, 2019, the set of specific European rules for Unnamed Aircraft Systems (UAS), commonly referred to as drones, came into force. These rules set out the general principles for ensuring safety, protecting privacy and safeguarding the environment. Let’s see what are the main changes for manufacturers and users. 1. Why a new regulation? […]

🌌The real Privacy Black Hole

When science fiction and privacy come together As you may have seen, scientists have finally been able to capture the first-ever picture of a black hole. This basically means that there is a point where time and space collapse and it confirms the relativity theory by Einstein. Time travel could not be just science fiction […]

🎥 Video: Blockchain legal predictions

🎬Blockchain legal predictions In this video together with my colleague Elisa Rosati we analyze the Blockchain legal and business challenges for 2019. This year will be crucial for the DLT since the technology is ready to overcome the risks linked to the fluctuation of the cryptocurrencies and to prove its compatibility with the new standards […]