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🤳Influencer: first incubator on influencers to open in Italy

🤳Influencer #marketing can have a great impact on #sales 💸and #market #share value📈. A new #incubator will train new influencers and help them to build an actual career out of their online fame ⬇️Read my latest #LawBytes below⬇️

Influencers can actually influence. No big news. But this new revolutionary form of marketing can do more than just increase a company’s sales or impact on brand recognition: influencers can substantially influence the market value of a company, up to wiping out $1.3 billion in share value.

Surfing the wave of this new advertisement framework success, educational institutions and private companies are starting to create courses and incubators to train new influencers and help them to build an actual career out of their online fame.

During summer 2018, the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid launched the first university training course for professional Influencers and recently the American mass media company Condè Nast announced the kick-off of Social Talent Agency, the company’s first agency focused on promoting influencers which will enroll 27 Italian and international talents.

Influencer marketing is subject to deep scrutiny and is constantly under the spotlight of judicial courts, since it is definitely an important part of actual and future marketing strategies it is advisable to monitor the authorities’ initiatives and learn how to do it right.

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