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📧#GDPR: come aggiornare la firma delle email📧

Come tutti sappiamo il 25 Maggio 2018 è finalmente diventato direttamente applicabile il GDPR. Si tratta di un aggiornamento molto importante in tema di Privacy e Protezione dei dati personali, un vero e proprio update 2.0. Negli altri articoli parlo di quali sono i cambiamenti principali e come adeguarsi.

Ecco di seguito un utile suggerimento per iniziare ad adeguare la firma della propria email  (anche alla luce del decreto 101/2018 che recepisce il GDPR e modifica il caro vecchio Codice Privacy)

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🔥CES 2019: #Privacy is the buzzing trend🔥

🎡#Privacy: data protection plays a key role at CES 2019

Among taxi drones, bread baking bots, foldable TV screens and underskin sensors to monitor health functions, the 2019 Las Vegas Consumer Electronic confirms to be one of the hottest tech-related events of the year.

Newcomers and worldwide leading producers “compete” during this global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace.

The top trending topics of this year are:

  • AI-based applications, ranging from IoT wearable systems to self-driving vehicles to improve smart-cities circulation efficiency;
  • 5G networks, drastically improving electronic communications potential bringing new opportunities for tech industries and major benefits for TMT service providers; and
  • Privacy and cyberscurity, as after 2018 worldwide legislative impact and major data protection scandals ICT players are striving to build a privacy compliant reputation towards consumers to maintain (or avoid losing) market trust.

Most notably Apple’s giant AD in Las Vegas ” What happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone ” does not come completely out of the blue and instead can be considered as the natural outcome of a global trend.

Tech companies are adopting a “Privacy by cool” approach, which hopefully would not just serve as new marketing weapon, but underlines the urge for organizations across the globe not only to adopt privacy compliant data handling practices, but also to prove that such practices are effectively implemented and are part of the company’s culture.

In this sense adopting a privacy by design proactive approach is fundamental for companies willing to be able to address the inconsistent regulations across multiple jurisdictions and overcome the technical limits in order to meet the markets’ needs while looking ahead toward regulations yet to come.

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🤳Influencer: first incubator on influencers to open in Italy

🤳Influencer #marketing can have a great impact on #sales 💸and #market #share value📈. A new #incubator will train new influencers and help them to build an actual career out of their online fame ⬇️Read my latest #LawBytes below⬇️ Continua a leggere

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Profilare i clienti senza il loro consenso: le nuove opportunità introdotte dal GDPR

Si possono profilare i clienti senza il loro consenso?

Il nuovo Regolamento privacy europeo 2016/679, a differenza del Codice privacy, disciplina espressamente la profilazione  e prevede diversi scenari applicabili in base al contesto e alle finalità della profilazione. Tra le varie novità introdotte, grazie ad una nuova base legale è possibile profilare i clienti senza il loro consenso, ma a patto che siano rispettate certe condizioni…

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ePrivacy Regulation: top 4 hot changes for 2018

The e-Privacy Regulation is the next Big Buzz after the GDPR hype is going to slow down. What is it all about ? What changes in Direct Marketing and Cookies?


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