Facebook “free” claim sanctioned

Facebook is not free anymore (and has never been)

Half victory of #Facebook in Italy on the #privacy side: the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio (TAR) partially voided the Antitrust Authority’s decision which sanctioned the company for a total of 10 million euros.

> The Court has confirmed the 5 million sanction for unfair commercial practices regarding the false claim “it’s free and will always be”, which is no longer in place.

 > however the 5 million sanction relating to the sharing of data with third party sites and services has been dismissed.

According to the Court the Antitrust sanction “is unlawful because it lacks in the reconstruction of the functioning of the integration of the platforms and there is absence of sufficient evidence of a conduct capable of influencing consumer choice”.

This conduct is at the root of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, a Facebook partner company that used the data to influence electoral campaigns (including the 2016 US presidential election).

This decision is particularly interesting in light of the currently pending issue in front of the European Data Protection Board raised by the Italian Data Protection Authority: can personal data be exchanged for money?

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